KOLO High Waterpfoof Paint-4L

加勒比乳胶漆 加勒比乳胶漆

Original imported from Spain

Rosl is the DIY brand of the civil paint of DECOLOR Chemical Group. It is one of the most outstanding professional paint brands in Spain and Europe.

The severe punishment in foreign countries makes sure the quality of the products.


Five convincing reasons to buy

  • 01

    imported from Spain

    with excellent quality assurance

  • 02

    Nearly zero VOC

    reduce harmful substances, make your family healthier

  • 03

    Ready to live

    features zero VOC and odourless, eco-friendly enough for you to live without worry

  • 04

    High scrub resistance

    resistant to stains, long-lasting protection of wall

  • 05

    Excellent brushability and leveling

    stable performance, good adhesion and high coverage

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KOLO High Waterpfoof Paint-4L

Matt paint of high quality formulated with 100% acrylic copolymers, supports that present difficulties. It makes a barrier against water but permits to breathe avoiding cracking and flakes.

Product Parameters

Name:KOLO High Waterpfoof Paint
Scope of application:interior/exterior
Coating Type:finish
Color:tintable (tinting product can not be diluted)
Features:★ Weather resistant, alkali resistant, high waterproof
Fixed Vehicle:Copolymer Acrylic
Original Country:Spain
Theoretical Spreading Rate:about 22㎡ / one time
Application Methods:brush/roller/spray
Dilution:If you need to add water, the ratio should not exceed 20% (recommend 10%)
Fixed Vehicle:Copolymer Acrylic