The standard of children's paint in China is very good. You can see

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Children's paint is a concept put forward in China, but there is no such concept abroad at present. How good is the recommended national standard for children's paint? Let's have a look at the detailed standard parameters. The recommended national standard for children's paint and the mandatory national standard for interior wall paint put forward higher requirements for environmental protection projects. In terms of restricted substances, the requirements for the content of glycol ether and its esters, alkyl phenol polyoxyethylene ether and asbestos were added, and the types of soluble heavy metals were also increased from 4 to 8. In terms of the limit values of related substances, children's paints are recommended to contain fewer harmful substances according to the national standard. At present, the general testing items of domestic testing institutions include soluble metal elements, free formaldehyde, total volatile organic compounds (VOC), toluene, ethylbenzene and xylene. Reference standards: GB18582-2008 Indoor Decoration Materials - Limit of Harmful Substances in Interior Wall Coatings, GB/T 34676-2017 Interior Wall Materials for Children's Room Decoration. One of the two is a mandatory national standard, and the other is a more strict recommended standard for children's paint. The recommended national standard for children's paint (GB/T 34676-2017) is the first specific environmental protection standard set for children's wall paint, mainly for interior wall decoration in children's rooms, kindergartens and other children's activities.

How does the recommended national standard of children's paint compare with some foreign testing institutions, such as the American Green Guard certification, the French A+certification, the German Blue Angel certification, the European Union certification, and the domestic ten ring certification. Choose some famous ones to compare. According to the above comparative data, France A+is the most stringent in EU certification, German Blue Angel certification, Finland M1 certification, etc. Then let's compare our children's paint standard with the French A+certification. In terms of VOC content, France A+is the total VOC content is less than 1000 μ g/m ³ (about 0.001 g/L), while the Chinese children's paint standard is 10 g/L. In terms of formaldehyde content, France's A+is free formaldehyde content is less than 10 μ g/m ³ (about 0.015mg/kg), while the Chinese children's paint standard is 5mg/kg. It seems that although the environmental protection standards for children's paint certification in China have been very strict, there is still a gap between China and France's A+certification. However, we can rest assured that the children's paint standard is better than most environmental certification. It is also the standard certification to regulate the decoration of our children's rooms. This standard may be further improved in the future.

Langshi children's paint also conforms to GB/T 34676-2017 Interior Wall Materials for Children's Room Decoration and GB18582-2008 Interior Decoration Materials Limit of Harmful Substances in Interior Wall Coatings. The environmental protection performance is more superior, and the Langshi Children's Paint MONT PLUS has zero APEO and zero formaldehyde functions to purify formaldehyde. APEO is a kind of environmental hormone chemicals, which has a similar effect with sex hormones, and will endanger the normal hormone secretion of human body, resulting in abnormal male reproductive system. In addition, formaldehyde can cause acute irritation to skin, eyes and upper respiratory mucosa, causing some discomfort symptoms, such as dry skin, dermatitis, lacrimation, red eyes, itchy eyes, sneezing, coughing, etc. The VOC content of Lang Shi children's paint is also undetected. TVOC is the general name of total volatile organic compounds. When TVOC exceeds a certain concentration, people will feel headache, nausea and limb fatigue in a short time; In severe cases, convulsions, coma and memory loss will occur. The benzene homologues related to Langshi Children's Paint and ethylene glycol ether are undetected. Benzene, toluene, xylene, ethylbenzene and other benzene homologues are colorless, transparent, aromatic and volatile toxic liquids that can volatilize at room temperature, and have been identified as carcinogens by the World Health Organization. Langshi MOINT X emulsion paint has not only obtained the domestic children's paint certification, but also obtained the French A+certification, and its environmental performance is superior.

Langshi children's paint is the imported children's paint that rarely meets the national children's paint standard on the market at present. The imported products of Langshi are all made of high-quality European raw materials, which are different from other domestic paint products of the same type, so the product quality is more guaranteed. The Spanish Langshi brand was introduced into China from home furnishing in 2016, and has formed a good response in the market. Langshi children's paint, projection paint, wood wax oil and other products have been widely recognized by consumers.

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