Mont Plus -14L

Mont Plus分解甲醛儿童漆

IAQ indoor air problems

The everyday formaldehyde pollution brings problems to our daily life.

# The damage caused by VOC #

VOC, the volatile organic compound, has great effect to human body. When the VOC concentration in the living room exceeds a certain point, it will cause headache, nausea, vomiting, limb weakness, and even convulsions, coma, and memory loss in a short time. VOC affects people's liver, kidneys and brain.

# The damage caused by formaldehyde #

Free formaldehyde can irritate people's eyes, throat, chest, etc. Long-term inhalation can destroy part of the body's organization and reduce the body's immunity.

“Reduce the formaldehyde ”

The product itself is pure and fresh, and there is no release of harmful substances in the living process, and it also reduces the formaldehyde content in the indoor air of the house to ensure the fresh and healthy home environment.

Reduce the formaldehyde

“20000 wet scrub cycles”

~No worry about scribbling and scrubbing~

Mont plus detected that the paint film was not damaged after 20000 times of scrubbing

20000 wet scrub cycles

“High coverage”

Strong covering power makes brush easier

High coverage

“Excellent adhesion”

Excellent high hiding power and adhesion, scratch resistance, stain resistance, crack and peel resistance

"Multi-color adjustable "

We provide color adjust service, please contact customer service

Multi-color adjustable

“Fast drying”

dry time: 30-60 minutes repaint time: 4-6 hours


“Applicable substrate”

gypsum, cement, lime, wood, iron, steel, powdered plaster

Photo show

bedroom, dinning room, children's room

Mont Plus -14L

MONT PLUS is a paint that can contribute to the reduction of the formaldehyde content present in the interior atmosphere of residences. MONT PLUS is a high quality coating that purifies the air we breathe.

Product Parameters

Spreading Rate:8-11㎡/L
Shelf life:4 years in closed original container
Original Country:Spain
Application Methods:brush/roller/spray

Apply between 5 °C and 35 °C.

It is not recommended to apply in full sun or high temperatures of the surface.

Perfectly mix the product before use.