Water-based eco-friendly tile paint bathroom paint

瓷砖漆 瓷砖漆

The advantages of Grassi tile paint

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  • high coverage

  • eco-friendly and no odor

  • water and mildew resistant

  • Anti-yellowing

  • Corrosion-resistant

  • Resistance to scratch and impact


eco-friendly and odor-free

New environmentally friendly coating, green and eco-friendly with no odor to protect your health

Resistance to scratch and impact

The new formula improves the hardness of the tile paint to get excellent scratch and impact resistance.

Water and moisture proof

Water and moisture proof, effectively inhibits mold growth, and can withstand the test of time with strong adhesion.

High coverage

It can completely cover the original color of the tile, and you can adjust the color to what you want according to your preference.


It prevents turning yellow caused by natural light, ultraviolet light, heat, oxygen, chemical attack, moisture and other factors


High-quality water-based ceramic lacquer with alkyd urethane resin formulation, forms a bright coating to prevent chemical corrosion.

Before and after using tile paint

Tile replacement can be very simple, our products Give you a chance to start over again simple and quick to make your home a brand new look.

  • Before painting            After painting

  • Before painting            After painting

Water-based eco-friendly tile paint bathroom paint

Grassi Tile Latex Paint is a high quality waterborne paint formulated with alkyd polyurethane resin which Effectively solve the problems of turning yellow, tingling, mildew, and peeling off.

Product Parameters

Name:Water-based eco-friendly tile paint
Spreading Rate:8-12㎡/L
Shelf life:4 years in closed original container
Original Country:Spain
Application Methods:

Dry time: