MONT X interior/exterior Paint-4L


6 features to solve the wall problems

Excellent durabilityWater and moisture resistencehigh coverage Good scrub resistencestop cracking and peelinginterior/exterior

Good weather resistance and long-term color retention

excellent durability, weather and sunlight resistant, no color fading and peeling,keep your wall always in good condition.

洁净耐候 长久保护

外墙墙面长期暴露在外,日晒雨淋,容易出现 开裂、剥落、发霉、褪色等问题,失去原有的 装饰效果。

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Water and moisture resistence with excellent durability



High coverage to reduce your consumption

The paint film is delicate and soft, even and flat, excellent coverage, large coating area with little paint


excellent wet scrub resistence

The use of excellent molecular emulsion makes the paint film more tough and scrub resistant, and can withstand repeated friction without leaving traces, ensuring that your wall is smooth, bright and new for long time usage.

stop cracking and peeling

The interior and exterior latex paint has good flexibility and ductility, even if there are cracks inside the wall due to various reasons, it will not affect the paint film at all.

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MONT X interior/exterior Paint-4L

Mont X paint of high quality formulated with 100% acrylic copolymers, indicated for the protection and decoration of supports that present difficulties. It makes a barrier against water but permits to breathe avoiding cracking and flakes.

Product Parameters

Name:MONT X interior/exterior Paint
Spreading Rate:8-12㎡/L
Shelf life:4 years in closed original container
Original Country:Spain
Color:tintable (tinting product can not be diluted)
Application Methods:brush/roller/spray

Flat, Satin

Thin:less than 5% (with water)
Dry time:

30-60 minutes  Repaint time: 4-6 hours