Spanish projection paint, projection beyond your imagination

time:2018-03-17 read:2484

Recently a very popular projection paint, Langshi from Spain, as an amateur wall painter, this paint is suitable for DIY. Whether you have specialized experience or not, you can paint a shocking 3D projection effect, which can improve the home decoration by several grades.

Spanish Langshi projection paint Super Film is a projection paint developed by Spanish paint manufacturer Decolor, which uses gain technology. The primer is rich in texture, and the topcoat screen is gray, which makes people no longer bothered by the small TV screen, the occupied area of the projection screen, and the noisy cinema. You can watch high-definition movies at home as if they were cinemas. The effect is really amazing, This professional level projection paint developed by Decolor is suitable for family bedrooms, living rooms, KTVs and various high-end conference hotels. All kinds of projection projects have won unanimous praise after use, creating their own cinemas, which are far from entanglement and suitable for viewing. This is a projection paint that is just like the wall in ordinary times and is only used for projection transformation. It has superior color restoration technology and focuses on true color display! Whether you are watching movies or playing games, Super Film can bring you a visually stunning experience.

Langshi projection paint is low VOC, environmentally friendly, tasteless, safe and flame retardant. All character indicators are strictly in accordance with high standards to ensure the reliability of the product. The office is convenient, the game is exciting, the movie is shocking, and the Langshi projection paint shows the atmosphere. For years, professional Spanish imported projection paint has guaranteed the quality!

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