How long will the upsurge of imported art coatings last?

time:2018-03-17 read:2535

Imported art coatings are an evolution of traditional coatings. They integrate home and art together, allowing people to experience various styles of home decoration. Therefore, in recent years, imported art coatings have been widely sought after and loved by consumers. It can be said that for water-based coatings, the performance of art coatings is unattainable.

Imported artistic coatings are mainly artistic and diversified. Although it is always emphasized that it is environmentally friendly, the introduction of its composition and structure and the embodiment of environmental protection is always missing, and even its own property of water or oil is vague. In addition, we just introduce foreign products as they are, and the core technology and production initiative are not in our hands. To put it bluntly, the enterprise acts as the agent of these brands.

However, water-based coatings started with health and environmental protection as the core competitiveness, and clearly stated that water is the solvent to ensure the environmental protection of products. Although the road of technology research and development has been slow and difficult, every step has been taken steadily and many breakthroughs have been made.

Therefore, although the art coating is on the top for the time being, in the long run, water-based environmental protection coating is more promising. However, things are hard to predict. Maybe art coatings will be merged with water-based environmental protection coatings in the future.

With the development of technology, coatings have changed from oil to water. According to people's consumption needs, coatings with various properties will be displayed in front of people.

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