How can children's paint be distinguished for home decoration? How about Langshi Children's Paint

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With the progress of the times, human beings pay more and more attention to environmental protection. Every parent hopes to give good to their children, including decoration. Nowadays, there are more and more environmental friendly materials for children, and children's paint is one of them. Children's paint is an environmental friendly and healthy paint specially developed for children. General paint is easy to cause pollution to home decoration. Children are at a critical stage of development, their immune system is not mature, they are more vulnerable and sensitive than adults, and their ability to resist the external environment is weak, Toxic home decoration paint will cause invisible harm to children. But many parents only know that children's paint is more environmentally friendly than ordinary paint, but it is difficult to identify the advantages and disadvantages of the product. If you buy inferior children's paint, it is better to use ordinary paint. So we must learn how to identify the quality of children's paint. Today, Mr. Lang brings some suggestions for everyone.

Odorless. Most well-known children's paint brands will use IPS odor purification technology to achieve odorless effect, and most of them are full function and full range of pure colors. The inferior decoration paint will emit an uncomfortable smell or other unknown odor once the paint can is opened. This aspect is easy for parents to distinguish. Lang Shi will not describe it here.

Zero APEO. There are still many so-called "healthy children's paints" on the domestic market, including many VOC and APEO hormone compounds that are harmful to human body, especially pregnant women and children. Although the use of solvents has been greatly reduced, a small amount of APEO hormone chemicals have a serious impact on the development of boys' sexual signs, and parents should pay high attention to them. When purchasing children's paint, attention should be paid to the selection of zero APEO paint. In this regard, Langsimont PLUS environment-friendly children's paint and other products launched by Langsimont in Spain have reached the target of zero APEO.

Solvent free. Children's special paint used for home decoration shall be prepared with clear water to fundamentally prevent harmful substances from harming children. The really high-quality children's period shall be free of volatile organic solvents and diluents, and there shall be no solvent volatilization in the film forming process after painting.

Ultra low VOC. The content of volatile organic compounds (VOC) in special latex paint for children's room should be very low and tend to zero. According to the latest environmental protection standard published in Europe and implemented in 2007, the VOC content of water-based latex paint products must be lower than 50g/L, and the standard published and implemented in China is lower than 120g/L. Because it is a VOC volatile compound, it will irritate our eyes, skin and many parts, and will harm human genes, and may also cause cancer. Therefore, it is the most important to choose children's paint with low VOC content. The VOC content in Langsmort X children's paint is not detected in the test report. The national standard requires that the VOC content should not be higher than 120g/L. The VOC content of Lonsmort X product is 0g/l, which truly achieves zero VOC.

Easy to scrub. Of course, children's paint is used in children's rooms, and children are young, so it is inevitable that children's paint is easy to scrub. The national standard stipulates that the scrub resistance of qualified paint is not less than 300 times,. One of the characteristics of the paint used for children's room decoration, such as Langsimont X, is that it can easily wipe the stains clean without wiping off the paint film itself. This is very important for the wall decoration of children's room. Langsimont X has passed 5000 scrub resistance tests, and the paint film is not damaged.

Of course, at the end of the article, Langshi Children's Paint also reminds everyone that parents should also consider the overall design and color matching of the room when purchasing children's paint for decoration, which can not only bring out various ideal colors according to children's preferences, but also let the growing baby have a safe, healthy and colorful living space.

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