Is the price of children's paint really worth it?

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Whether the things used by children are environmentally friendly and healthy is often a matter of great importance for parents, especially in home decoration This is the voice of a treasure mother and the common choice of many parents. In terms of child safety, many people are willing to spend more money to buy "peace of mind", but "they don't know how environmentally friendly these products are" is also a sad thing for many parents. They are most afraid to spend more money, but they buy non environmentally friendly junk goods. In fact, we don't need to be afraid now, because in China, the national standard GB/T34676-2017 Interior Wall Paint for Children's Room Decoration has been officially implemented on May 1, 2018. That is to say, the children's paint standard is traceable, and the children's paint market is also constantly standardized, so everyone can buy qualified children's paint with confidence.

So many people will ask why the price of children's paint is hundreds of dollars more expensive than ordinary paint? Isn't children's paint an ordinary paint? First of all, children's paint is a more advanced product extending from ordinary paint. Children's resistance is poor. According to the content standard of harmful substances in ordinary paint, although it does not pose a threat to adults, it does harm to children. Data confirm that 2.1 million children suffer from serious diseases due to respiratory tract infection caused by ordinary paint decoration pollution every year in China, so it is necessary to have children's paint with higher standards. Children's paint has almost strict requirements on the content of formaldehyde, VOC and carcinogens, which also leads to higher production costs and higher prices of children's paint. But just like the voice of the treasure mother, many parents are willing to pay for their children's health. But being willing to spend money doesn't mean you are willing to be cheated! The price of children's paint is high, the technology content of waste products is low, and the profits are huge. Many people use their parents' "love" to do such opportunistic things without conscience. How should they ensure that they buy real environment-friendly children's paint?

An excellent environment-friendly child paint must have environmental protection certification from various institutions. In China, "China Environmental Labeling Product Certification", referred to as "Ten Ring Certification", is a domestic environmental protection product certification; If imported products also have corresponding environmental protection certification, American products shall comply with "GREENGUARD Certification of American Green Guard", and European products shall comply with "French A+". These certifications are essential, just like "ID card", which can prove that the environmental protection of products is up to the standard. For example, Spanish Langsimont X children's paint has the "ten ring certification" of China. In addition, as a European brand, Spanish Langsimont X children's paint also has the European standard "French A+". These two "gold content" certificates prove that Montex children's paint is a truly environment-friendly children's paint. Through this double certification, it also proves that Monte X Children's Paint can bring a healthy environment to children.

Children's paint should also have high scrub resistance and stain resistance. Children like to paint on the wall. It is inevitable that the wall will become dirty. The scrub resistance and stain resistance of children's paint are not afraid of painting. For example, the scrub resistance of Monte X children's paint can reach an amazing 20000 times, which is far beyond the industry standard and allows children to paint freely. Parents need not worry about cleaning. In addition, Montex children's paint also has good mildew resistance and water resistance.

Children's paint is indeed more environmentally friendly than ordinary paint, more protective for children, and it is really worth the money. As long as you follow the environmental protection standards, certified brands such as Monte X children's paint will go to JD for years to live in. Don't play tricks on children's health by taking advantage of small gains!

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