What kind of paint is wood wax oil, and how is wood wax oil applied?

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Many friends of home decoration don't know what wood wax oil is for? In fact, wood wax oil is a kind of paint. It is the common name of vegetable oil wax paint, which is like paint but different from paint. It is completely different from the paint produced based on petrochemical synthetic resin. It does not contain toxic components such as benzene, formaldehyde and heavy metals, because its raw materials are mainly flax oil, palm wax and other vegetable oils and vegetable wax combined with other components. Therefore, wood wax oil has no pungent smell, and it is a powerful product that can replace paint for home decoration and outdoor garden woodwork.

So why is wood wax oil so suitable for wood materials? Because the function principle of wood wax oil is mainly because the oil in wood wax oil can penetrate into the wood interior, and the wood is deeply moistened and maintained; Wax in wood wax oil can be closely combined with wood fiber to enhance the hardness of wood surface, and can also be waterproof, antifouling, abrasion resistant, which can provide good maintenance and decoration for wood. For example, the wood wax oil of Langshi Eide in the wood wax oil brand has abrasion resistance.

In the classification of wood wax oil, there is a water-based wood wax oil, which is characterized by environmental protection and safety. Waterborne wood wax oil is a new kind of resin wood paint, which breaks through the shortcomings of traditional water-based wood paint and vegetable wood wax oil and is synthesized by natural resin, artificial resin or wax compound. Waterborne wood wax oil is widely welcomed in developed countries and regions abroad because of its advantages of environmental protection, odorless, little volatile matter, high safety, non flammable and non explosive, no yellowing, and large painting area. For example, Langshieide wood wax oil is a kind of odorless water-based environment-friendly wood wax oil. The environmental protection of this wood wax oil is mainly reflected in the content of organic compounds harmful to human health. Langshieide wood wax oil has the French A+certification, which means that the air quality in the space after painting is tested by professional precision instruments for 28 days, According to the concentration of total volatile organic compounds in the air and the concentration of ten other common organic compounds that are harmful to human health, the environmental protection level of French VOC label is A+. That is to say, Langshi Ede wax oil has truly achieved environmental protection and no odor.

How to construct wood wax oil? Mr. Lang will introduce some convenient construction methods for you.

Brush. Wood wax oil can be brushed with a brush during home decoration, but it must be brushed evenly, otherwise it will affect the drying speed. Brush painting is the most commonly used method for most painters, which is time-saving and labor-saving.

Spray method. First of all, if spraying method is used, special plant thinner must be selected before spraying, otherwise wood wax oil will be uneven due to thick spraying. In addition, it is recommended to filter the wood wax oil with a filter to remove the particles in the wood wax oil. Before spraying, it is necessary to test whether the leftover materials can be sprayed evenly and whether the thickness of the spraying is appropriate. Don't paint too thick when spraying. If the paint is too thick, the drying will be very troublesome. Generally, the wood wax oil has a long drying time. One of the characteristics of the Langshi Eide wood wax oil mentioned above is fast drying speed and high hardness after drying, which is very suitable for thin coating.

Roller brush. If wood wax oil is used outdoors, the area to be painted is generally large, and the above two methods are time-consuming and laborious. Generally, the roller can be used for painting, such as the wooden exterior wall. But remember to dilute it before use. Otherwise, if it is too thick, the painting effect will be poor and the appearance will be affected. This painting method will waste wood wax oil, so it is generally not recommended to use roller brush.

It should be emphasized that all construction methods should be selected according to the actual situation, such as wood hardness, air temperature and humidity, construction area, labor cost, etc. These conditions should be considered when selecting construction methods. Therefore, specific construction methods should be selected based on the actual situation of home decoration.

Finally, when we choose wood wax oil, we must choose products with strong yellowing resistance and weather resistance. For example, Langshi Ede wood wax oil has good yellowing resistance and aging resistance. Unlike traditional wood wax oil, the paint film will be oxidized after more than 6 months and needs re brushing and care. The paint film of this product is full and transparent, which can fully display the texture and natural and beautiful texture of wood. Those who want to buy wax wood oil can take this product into consideration.

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