Why is children's paint more expensive than ordinary paint? How about Langshi Children's Paint?

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With the increasing attention paid to children's paint, many people gradually believe that children's paint is a gimmick. In addition to being a little more expensive than other paints, there is no difference. But is that really the case? Of course not. In recent years, with the continuous improvement of people's quality of life, the environmental protection of wall coatings in home decoration has also attracted much attention. Especially for families with children, parents always hope to give them the best for their children's health. Children's paint is a new product to meet these requirements of parents.

The national standard for children's paint, Interior Wall Paint for Children's Room Decoration, was officially implemented as early as May 1, 2017. That is to say, the children's paint standard is traceable, and the children's paint market is also constantly standardized. So, what's the difference between children's paint and other paints? Today, Mr. Lang will popularize it for everyone.

In life, we often say that indoor environmental pollution is mainly caused by improper use of decoration materials. Formaldehyde and TVOC in board and wood furniture are one of the main pollution sources.

The resistance of children is slightly weaker than that of adults. The data shows that there are about 2.1 million children with serious diseases caused by respiratory tract infection caused by decoration pollution every year in China. This is because children live in the polluted indoor environment for a long time, which increases the risk of disease. They are at a critical stage of growth and development, with low immunity, higher respiratory rate than adults, and the air pollution caused by decoration materials is more harmful to them than adults. Therefore, parents should be very careful about the selection of decoration materials for children's rooms.

At present, there are many new coatings that use alternative ingredients to reduce the content of formaldehyde, and some can even purify formaldehyde, so as to achieve the effect of purifying the air. Children's paint is one of the best. For families with children, it is really important to choose a reassuring child paint for home decoration.

Children like to doodle everywhere. Therefore, the paint of wall paint should be easy to clean without falling off and powdering, so as to prevent children from entering the body through the mouth after touching, which is harmful to health. Therefore, in the selection of wall coatings, we should remember to select a brand with good quality and reputation, without odor, and the raw materials are environmentally friendly products. Langsimont PLUS children's paint is an original Spanish imported Langsimont environment-friendly children's paint suitable for children. It has a domestic children's room test report and conforms to the children's room standard, providing a green world for children, and the home decoration can be used with confidence.

Children are in a growing period of physical development, and sleep more than 12 hours a day. Therefore, the environmental protection of children's rooms and activities is the primary concern, and environmental protection must be taken as the primary indicator when selecting paint. Langshi Mont PULS of Langshi brand has always had high requirements in environmental protection, zero VOC, zero formaldehyde, and has the role of reducing the formaldehyde content in indoor air. It is a safe choice for children's living room and activity place paint.

Now there are many kinds of children's paints on the market, and it is difficult to choose them. Therefore, Mr. Lang reminded everyone to be careful when choosing children's paints, not necessarily the most expensive ones, but the ones that are selected must be reassuring.

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