What's the difference between children's paint and ordinary paint?

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Since the 21st century, with the rapid development of science and technology, the earth has become weaker and weaker, and the environmental situation is declining day by day. In recent years, with the progress of consumers' requests for quality of life, especially on environmental protection issues, they have firmly grasped. Environmental protection, happiness and well-being of life have become the common goal of everyone. Similarly, when people's living conditions become better, they pay more attention to the environmental protection of the lives of the next generation of children.

For children's health, parents in Europe and the United States will choose children's special paint when decorating children's rooms. It is specially made for children's physical and behavioral characteristics, which is more environmentally friendly and healthy, and is beneficial to children's physical and mental development. In foreign decoration companies are also used to children's room with children's paint, without special tips. Different from ordinary paint, children's paint is an environment-friendly paint launched by paint manufacturers to care about the healthy growth of children. It is not a new type of paint, but an application concept for children. It aims to solve young parents' worries about whether the paint is green when they decorate their new homes.

Children's paint is very important for home decoration with children. At present, China is not alert to the hidden dangers of paint, so there is no relevant knowledge, and it has not yet formed a universal consumption concept for children's paint. As for ordinary paint, Langshide West Children's Paint is more suitable for children's room decoration. First of all, considering that children usually grasp and bite with their hands, heavy metals will enter the body through skin, mouth and other channels and cause harm to children, the harmful heavy metals content of Landside Luxi Children's Paint is extremely low, which can prevent excessive heavy metals from entering the body of children, and cut off the toxic path of harmful metals to children from the source.

Different from ordinary paint, in order to minimize the decoration pollution damage, the organic compounds in children's paint are generally much lower than those in ordinary paint. Many famous brands pay close attention to this. For example, Lucie Lucie children's paint has zero VOC and no odor.

Children's paint usually adopts a new intelligent active formula, with the addition of plant essence. It is super clean, tasty and environmentally friendly, with strong antibacterial effect, strong scratch resistance, scrub resistance, strong adhesion and easy construction. It can be quickly moved in. Similarly, LSD Luxi children's paint also meets the above conditions. It not only has high hiding power, but also has strong weather resistance, good leveling adhesion and scrub resistance. The elderly, pregnant women and people with poor physique are also suitable for use, but children's paint is more expensive than ordinary paint, but it is more environmentally friendly and healthy.

In view of children's preference for color, Langshide Luxi Children's Paint is particularly rich in color selection and color matching. It is used to paint rooms, not only for environmental protection, but also for rich colors, providing children with a clean, colorful little world.

Of course, the requirements of environmental protection are not just simple. Many businesses are under the banner of environmental protection, formaldehyde free and harmful gas free, which is different from ordinary coatings. Many families buy for the health and environmental protection of living. In fact, many manufacturers in China do not do what they say. Parents can pay attention to two points when buying children's paint to determine whether it is true. First, whether it has passed the domestic children's room test. Domestic children's room inspection will focus on checking whether VOC and harmful gases in the children's paint meet the standards. 2、 Whether there is EU ecological certification. This certification process is more strict and can better demonstrate the environmental performance of products. Among many children's paint brands, LST Luxi children's paint has not only passed the domestic children's room test and met the domestic children's room standards, but also has the EU ecological certification. To provide children with an environment-friendly and healthy green environment.

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